Juhlakuvaus Helsinki - 22.09.2018

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la 22.09.2018


Juhlakuvaus Helsinki


I am having my 40th birthday party on September 22 (Saturday evening) and I think it would be fun to have "class pictures" taken of me and my friends at the party.

There will be approximately 30 people coming, and I think the concept of "school photos" and friend pictures for people at a grown-up birthday party would be quite fun. There would be one group photo ("class photo") and then individual photos as the guests like (friend pictures / portraits, etc).

There would be enough space to set up the basic "school photo" area and I think it would be fun to have this opportunity for approximately 2 hours, from e.g. 16:30 - 18:30.

I don't think the end pictures need much treatment; almost "snapshot" style pictures are OK, I would prefer many bulk pictures rather than a few treated pictures; the setup (maybe 1-2 umbrellas) is important to give the feeling of being at school, and of course for better lighting (the venue is indoors with regular office lighting).

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250-400 €

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1-2 h

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